Pool Board


Pool Board Members

The Board is always looking for pool members who are interested in joining the Board. If you are interested, please let a Board member know or contact the Board below.

President: Joan Bishop

Vice-President, Operations: Sybilla Whearty  

Vice-President, Maintenance: Juan Colon

Treasurer: Kathy Augustine

Secretary: Fred Burgess

Social: Joan Bishop, Mollie Hunter

Marketing/Membership:  Mollie Hunter
At-Large: Peter Tao 

At-Large: Tonya Rideout
At-Large Terry Shashaty

Meeting Minutes

FY 2015 Minutes (updated as of end of Fiscal Year)

FY 2016 Minutes (updated as of end of Fiscal Year)

FY 2017 Minutes (updated as of end of fiscal year; some minutes are missing)
FY2018 Minutes (updated as of November 14 meeting; some minutes are missing)
FY2019 Minutes (updated as of August 22 meeting)

How the Funds are Used

The treasurer prepares a monthly Profit and Loss statement and has it available at all board meetings. The treasurer also prepares a proposed operating budget in late winter, which is adjusted by the board and made available to all pool members in attendance at the annual spring meeting, or upon request following the annual meeting.

General maintenance or repair items are discussed at the board meetings (or via email if they are critical), and approved as necessary. When feasible, additional quotes are received prior to approval of a contractor. Improvement items and ideas for future investments are raised by board members, or by pool members via email or in discussion with individual board members, and are discussed and prioritized at board meetings. Costs for these items are estimated, and when funds are available, further investigation is conducted and plans are made.

The board maintains a level of savings (i.e., “Capital Account”) to provide for major repairs, or to handle the removal of the facility in the unlikely event that the pool should shut down. The funding for this Capital Account is provided by the monopole rent (which is also used to supplement the operating budget). The Capital Account was depleted in 2008 when we undertook an infrastructure upgrade, and is being rebuilt.

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